Original Parts are the commonsense solution

Behind every single component there is a complex development and manufacturing process governed by extremely high, unwavering quality standards. DEUTZ-FAHRworks in conjunction with the world's leading manufacturers to ensure that the most advanced solutions are used to offer the customer a guaranteed, safe and superior quality product.

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    Conceived and built for farming

    Engines are efficient, fuel efficient and, with exclusive 'clean technology', also environmentally friendly. These engines are also subjected to stringent quality control testing, and each component is compliant with European safety standards. Last but not least, clients can also depend on the aftersales service: an advantage that makes the difference.


    Reached goal

    All original clutches are built for maximum efficiency and durability to reach the DEUTZ-FAHR goal of offering only the best quality spare part.

    Clutches are fundamental components in the efficiency and function of a DEUTZ-FAHR tractor. The products of advanced research and development and stringent quality control conducted in close collaboration with market leaders, these clutches are built to make your work easier and more productive.


    Efficiency and comfort

    Maximum productivity, minimised consumption and a more comfortable working experience: the three key attributes of every DEUTZ-FAHR transmission.

    You can depend on DEUTZ-FAHR transmissions because they have been specifically engineered to withstand both normal everyday work and heavy loads without sacrificing performance. Developed through advanced research and subjected to stringent testing, DEUTZ-FAHR transmissions ensure effortless, precise gear shifting and direction inversion even under load.


    Quality and state of the art technology

    We have put all of our experience at work to offer our clients pistons that will keep the engine running at optimum efficiency and performance. Original SDF pistons ensure ideal combustion and substantially reduce the particulate produced in the combustion chamber.

    Advanced new technologies have been specifically developed to create pistons that meet exacting quality standards, to ensure that each DEUTZ-FAHR tractor expresses is maximum potential.


    Designed for efficiency

    Hydraulics and electronics have become decisive factors in the choice of a tractor. DEUTZ-FAHR is always in touch with the trends of the market, and has responded promptly to the needs of its customers: all of our tractors adopt hydraulic and electronic systems conceived to let you work more efficiently by improving controllability, manoeuvrability, safety and comfort.

    For example, our machines use Independent Load Pressure technology based on a Load Sensing system. This technology lets you ask your tractor to perform any manoeuvre in any condition, as the flow of hydraulic fluid delivered by the pump is adjusted in real time in relation to the effective demand.


    Durable quality

    Original filters are designed for maximum particle retention efficiency, and protect the mechanical components of a DEUTZ-FAHR tractor from harmful contaminants.

    By eliminating contaminants, air and fluid filters can play a vital role in maximising engine performance, reducing fuel consumption and improving the quality of life in the cab. DEUTZ-FAHR products have passed stringent quality control and function tests, and are certified compliant with European safety standards.

    filters will keep your tractor working with the same performance and reliability as the day you bought it.


    SDF belts are developed in collaboration between our R&D division and the leading European manufacturers in this sector to maintain the high quality standards and technical supremacy of DEUTZ-FAHR tractors.

    Machines fitted with original SDF belts will keep working sustainably and economically, by eliminating inefficiency and maximising the lifespan of the belt itself. Every step in the design process is geared to offer you compact, quiet, slip resistant belts with high power transmission capabilities.


    Safety and comfort

    Original screens and windows are manufactured for maximum performance.

    These elements play key roles in the design of a tractor in terms of mechanical strength, safety, and the thermal and acoustic comfort of the cab.

    DEUTZ-FAHR screens and windows are internationally certified, to give you the best product possible. The fixed and opening side windows, rear windows and roof windows are all made from tempered glass for maximum toughness and increased safety in the event of breakage.

    Windscreens and rear screens may be accessorized with additional safety and comfort features incorporated in the special triple layer laminated structure.

  • Lubricants: reliability and efficiency

    The DEUTZ-FAHR Lubricants range of products protects the components of tractors and keeps them running efficiently.

    DEUTZ-FAHR Lubricants improve the reliability of the tractor, even in heavy duty conditions and during peak seasonal periods. Customers can maximise their productivity by making full use of the time available while cutting running costs.

    The range of DEUTZ-FAHR Lubricants is available in a variety of different formats and includes: engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, bearing grease and both concentrated and ready-to-use coolant.

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